Mixed Emotions vol​.​1

by Summa Riot

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2nd album from Summa Riot. Started in 2007 it never saw the light of day after Ben took a permanent hiatus in 2011 and sold off his recording studio. Cue 2015, Ben wakes up one day with the sudden desire to make music again. This is a collection of finished songs from 2010, reimagined for a more modern sound. Limited edition CD features tons of extras including demos, remixes and original mixes spaning nearly 9 years.

The original concept of the album was detailing the 'Mixed Emotions' that go hand in hand with up rooting from England and moving to a Canada for a fresh start.


released November 9, 2016

Music & Lyrics by Ben Rayner. Vocals performed by Danielle Bowman & Marco Biagiotti



all rights reserved


Summa Riot Barrie, Ontario

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Track Name: Dreamers When We Met
Goodnight now close those eye,
I'll meet you on the other side,
Where time stands still and our dreams collide,
Across the oceans I'll be by your side
Track Name: To Find A Way Through
Found my way back to the beaten track,
From the darkest places of my mind,
Walk this path to a better life,
Leave the ghosts of my past behind
Track Name: My Last Gift
Pierce my skin to ease the pain within,
Scar my body modify me.
I've lost my way nowhere to go,
Nothing to call my own,
If I could breath again,
I would suck you in,
Drag you down deeper deeper 'til you drown.

If I'd never felt pain how would I know I'm still alive?
With all the grief and rage twisted on the inside,
Music and Masochism kept me alive,
A cut across my arm was enough to see me through tomorrow

Cut me open I love to bleed,
Watch the years of pain drip away,
Cut me open and scar my flesh,
Reminds me how I long for death,
No matter what I do it never goes away,
A voice in my head with me every day,
A million memories I'll never forget,
Always longing for death,

It's been years since I died on the inside,
I remember as clear as day,
Last time I saw your face you were at rest in a box,
So still at peace with the world.

How I wish I could see you breath and tell me it'll be alright,
That it was just a dream,
How I long to see you again,
To lay rest to my pain,
My last gift to you was a blood red rose.